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Pharma Protocol

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Pharma Protocol ™ - The Right solution for the Pharmaceutical enterprise, is an Enterprise Resource Planning( ERP) solution designed to meet the requirements of fast growing pharmaceutical enterprises.Pharma Protocol ™ enables pharmaceutical enterprises to define a flexible systematic approach to monitoring and improving their performance in the industry.

  • The Ultimate ERP typically designed exclusively for the PHARMA INDUSTRY suiting to the standards of CGMP, Schedule 'M' and MRP I & II.
  • Designed after years of research , development and redefinition.
  • Time tested, future proof and Implemented successfully in over 55-60 pharmaceutical enterprises throughout INDIA.
  • Typically suited for GMP certified companies. Completely complies with 21 CFR Part 11, cGMP / WHO-GMP practices and compliance norms.
  • Easy to use
  • GUI based
  • Document routing
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Change Control Management
  • Extremely reliable
  • On-line transaction processing
  • Extensive reporting
  • Charts
  • Totally network compatible
  • Cloud based, Web based or Client Server based
  1. Financials
  2. Factory
  3. Sales
  4. Analysis (Sales)
  5. Depot Accounting
  6. Purchase
  7. Stores (Distribution)
  8. Exports
  9. Dwr Analysis
  10. Fixed Assets Management
  11. Human Resources
  • Pentium III @300 MHz, with minimum 64 MB RAM, Minimum 8 GB Hard disk, running on Windows NT 4.0 or higher

Manufacturing (MFG)

  • Define units and Conversion rules
  • Define items and their related properties
  • Define Bill of material for each product including the process stages involved in the manufacture.
  • Assess the production plan
  • Find out the requirement of inputs
  • Consider material available
  • Consider material on order
  • Generate Material requirements
  • Multiple stocking locations
  • Enter all the stores transactions online
  • Generate stock ledgers
  • Batchwise product costing
  • Material status (work-in-progress , sub-contract)
  • Define comprehensive Q.C. specs for each item
  • Access Quarrantine material awaiting Quality Check online
  • Generate Q.C. register online for the material analysed.
  • Print Certificate of Analysis for RM, PM, Finished goods etc.,
  • Track rejections by vendors
  • Full compliance with F.D.A. Rules
  • Process modelling
  • Production Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Maintain PLA A/c
  • Maintain all the statutory statements like RG-I, RG-23 Part I & II, Stock Transfer Notes etc.,

Sales & Distribution

  • Define each product and its complete details such as pack size, price etc.,
  • Group products by Product groups for planning, reporting and analysis
  • Group marketing areas by Regions, HQs and Territories
  • Define multiple depots
  • Maintain finished goods products price lists
  • Comprehensive Pricing Model lets you define Statewise, Productwise, Batchwise Rates
  • Define free offer quantities
  • Maintain extensive customer information
  • Process Sales Orders
  • Create Despatch Orders based on Customer Orders
  • Create Sales Invoices, Transfer notes etc.,
  • Print Sales Register·Print Daily Sales & Stock statement
  • 100% integration with Financials

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

  • Maintain a comprehensive list of doctors with indepth information like Qualification, date of birth, Speciality, Company products prescribed, Other company products prescribed, Head-Quarter and Territory belonging to, Nature of the doctor (Core / Normal) etc.,
  • Obtain the list of doctors i nany combination of the above columns.
  • Define Customer Call Cards as Field Personnel Time Table with respective schedule nos and the list of doctors to be visited.
  • Update the Daily Work Record of each Field personnel based on the Schedule entrusted to him / her in the CCL.
  • Gather information on the Cummulative calls or Average Call per MR.
  • Total number of doctors met, Personal Order bookings etc.,
  • Obtain deviation reports on DWR Vs CCL for the Field personnel.
  • Perform various analysis on the data available in the integrated database on
  • Tour Programme Deviation
  • Core Call missed
  • Performance Appraisal etc.,

Sales Analysis (SA)

  • Define different Regions covered by the organisation along with the respective Head-Quarters and the Territories falling under them.
  • Define the Field Hierarchy Setup like RegionalManagers, Area Managers, PSRs/MSRs etc.,
  • Define the products in the market along with their respective InMarket pricing
  • Define Field Targets in terms of Units to be sold based on the marketing forecast and revise the same as and when required
  • Enter the Secondary Sales made by the Super Stockist / C&A / Depot based on their respective sales invoices
  • Obtain the sales and stock statements based on their sales.
  • Obtain various MIS statements using the integrated database
  • Define stockists and chemists covered in a HQ / Area
  • Enter the Stock & Sales statements of the stockistist
  • Obtain various MIS reports for Inmarket Sales analysis like:
  • Field Productivity Analysis
  • ABC Analysis
  • Productwise
  • Partywise
  • Areawise
  • Sales to Target ratio
  • Sales to Expense Ratio
  • Growth Charts
  • Field Contribution
  • Product Contribution
  • Area Anslysis and much more detailed MIS reports

Financials (FA)

  • Define Multiple companies with multiple a/cting periods
  • Define Accounts Chart
  • Define Multi level groups upto four levels
  • Define monthly / annual Budgets for the accounts
  • Enter vouchers online
  • Automatic generation of debit and credit entries based on the information entered in the voucher.
  • Generate Multiple Cash books / Bank books
  • Generate Ledgers / Sub Ledgers
  • Generate multileveled trial balance instantantly
  • Print Accounts statement
  • Generate Final statements like Profit & Loss A/c Statement,Balance Sheet and Schedules etc.,
  • Create Sales vouchers automatically from Sales Invoices and generate G/L entries
  • Create Receipt vouchers on settlement of bills
  • Generate Agewise Analysis
  • Find party’s account position
  • Process vendor invoices and book them into the payments
  • Adjust advances
  • Generate Agewise Analysis
  • Find party’s account position
  • Record comprehensive details of assets
  • Record additions, deletions and transfers of assets
  • Track assets by asset code, description, location etc.,
  • Maintain books of depreciation as per company law as well as Income Tax rules
  • Post depreciation entries to General ledger

Human Resources (HRMS)

  • Define Organisational Setup - departments, Categories etc.,
  • Maintain complete employee information including name, address,Qualification, family details and personal details like sex, blood group etc.,
  • Maintain complete Service Records
  • On-line transaction processing
  • Automatically calculate Income tax
  • Pay arrears of any period due to price index change or wage revision
  • Print all the statutory reports such as Form 3A, Form 6A etc.,
  • Calculate Bonus/Ex-Gratia
  • Define Field Expenses such asTravelling expenditureand disburse the same through the system on a monthyl basis either along with the salary or seperately
  • Totally integrated with Financials
  • Total Integration with Sales Analysis
  • Generate various Customer Generated reports using the Proprietory CGR
  • Comprehensive payroll structure which lets you define allowanceand deduction elements and various rules
  • Enter loans / advances online
  • Enter one-time payments and deductions
  • Process Payroll and print reports such as Payslips, Paysheet register,Loan and recovery statements, PF, ESI etc.,


 CEDAR-B-401,Prince Greenwoods Apartments,
No. 66, Vanagaram road, Athipet,
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