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MEDISOFT - Solution for Doctors

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The Ultimate Information Tool For Pediatricians

Medisoft is a comprehensive and integrated online information system designed exclusively for pediatricians. Its unique userfriendliness makes it possilble for any user to operate the system with ease.

Medisoft has been designed to assist the pediatricians in providing vital information at the time of need by the press of a key.

Unique Features

  • Patients Profile & Medical Records
  • Different Diagnosis
  • Pediatric Drug Formulary
  • Laboratory Reference Values
  • Biostatistics
  • Total Parenteral Nutritions


Patient Profile and Medical Records

  • Patient Master with Patient History details like Name,Blood group etc are maintained
  • Patient Categories Patients are categorised as Pre matures,Neonate,Child etc based on the age and the period of birth
  • Prescriptions Drugs applicable for the particular ailment(s)are only displayed for the doctor to select. Any other Drug selected other than the list will be accompanied with a warning message Drug dosages are dependent of two factors :
  • Age of the Patient"
  • Weight of the Patient"
  • Alerts as soon as wrong drug dosage(either Low or High) is selected."
  • Highlights of Patient Profile The Abnormal Lab values,Test dates,Ailments suffered will always be visible in the Patient's Profile The History of the Patient's treatment and progress will be indicated in his profile A Statistical Analysis on data available from the patient's History and Medical records...

Compendium of Human Malformations

  • List of every possible Human malformations
  • List of various syndromes
  • List of anomalies 'Frequent in' and 'occasional in'for a given syndrome is incorporated in this module.
  • The most powerful tool in this module is the ability to provide a different diagnosis depending upon the list.

Pediatric Drug Formulary

  • Most Drugs used in Pediatric practice have been included in this formulary
  • The Drugs are grouped under seperate drug categories
  • The Drugs are grouped under the respective ailments for which they are affective indicating the -Route of Administration -Recommended # of dosages -Maximum amount of dose & minimum amount of dose are updated based on a particular ailment.
  • Drug Formulary(Ailments) -Common Pediatric illnesses have been listed. -List of drugs recommended for each illness have been listed.
  • Daily Intravenous requirements for Preterm and Infants.
  • Recommended Dosage of Vitamins and Trace elements.
  • Recommended daily IV major mineral requirements.
  • Laboratory monitoring schedules.

Pediatric Laboratory Reference Values

  • A Voluminous list of refernces values for common laboratory investigations employed in pediatric practice.
  • Test results are carefully according to -Specimen tested - Blood,Serum,Plasma,LiH etc., -Age of the Child -The Values are listed in both S.I.units and metric values.


  • Mean and Standard Deviation
  • Chi-Square Test To Compare the effect of two different agents on the same factor.
  • Unpaired T-Test To Compare two uncorrelated samples and to determine the significance of the difference bet.them.
  • Paired T-Test To Compare the means of two correlated samples and to determine the significance of the difference them.



 CEDAR-B-401,Prince Greenwoods Apartments,
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